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Bachana karma mana mori gati, bhajan karahin nihkaama

Tinha ke hridaya kamal mahu karaun sada bisraama.

Those who depend on Me in thought, word and action (deed) and who worship Me in a selfless way, in lotus heart of those, I always take repose (rest).

------ Lord Ram (Ramcharitmanas, Aranya Kanda, Doha No. 16)


The nine forms of Bhakti as told by Lord to Sabri in Aranya Kand are:


  1. To live and communicate with saints who are pious in heart and deed.
  2. To listen and tell the story and saying of the Lord.
  3. To do humble and pride-less service of the lotus feet of one's preceptor (Guru).
  4. To sing the Lord's praises with guileless heart.
  5. To keep muttering the Lord's name with unwavering faith.
  6. To practice self-control and virtue, desist from manifold activities and always pursue the course of conduct laid down for the saints.
  7. To see the world full of the Lord without distinction and reckon the saints as even greater than the Lord Himself.
  8. To remain content with whatever one gets and never think of finding faults with others.
  9. To be simple, guileless and straight in one's dealing with everybody & cherish implicit faith in Lord without either exultation or depression.


Lord Ram tells Sabri that those who possess even any one out of the 9 forms of Bhakti (devotion), be they women or men or any creature - sentient or insentient- are very dear to Him.





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